VOCALOOK is a Vocaloid and UTAU fashion collab open to all skill levels in which artists draw their beloved singing robots in outfits of their choice. It’s non-profit, which means it’s meant for the Vocaloid and UTAU communities to just have fun together! Even though it has a fashion magazine aesthetic, it’s not printed in magazine form.

How does it work this year?

Just like last year, we’re having 7 whole days of Vocaloid and UTAU characters in all kinds of fashion styles. For this purpose, applications will open for two weeks for those interested in joining. Artists will apply for the day they feel they can get their work done by and wait for a confirmation email from us. After getting accepted into the collab, they can start drawing. They’ll then post their work after we give the green light on our social media accounts! We call this side of the collab the “fashion week.”

Additionally, this year we’re also putting together and releasing a lookbook featuring a lineup of selected artists to raise funds in support of the black lives matter movement! The lookbook will be available for purchase and all proceeds will go to Color of Change, an organization advocating for racial justice based in California, USA.

As we process each application, we’ll look at everyone’s art and select the artists that we’d like to have on board for the lookbook. Then, we’ll contact said artists to invite them to draw one piece each for the lookbook. We recommend that artists invited to the lookbook read the lookbook rules in our guidelines page.

What kind of fashion are you looking for and what characters do you accept?

We welcome any kind of fashion! You can draw a piece based off a high-end fashion magazine or memes, whatever you wish as long as it’s safe for work! As for characters, we allow any Vocaloids, fanloids and UTAUs!

Can I participate in the fashion week on multiple days (i.e. draw multiple pieces)? What about drawing more than one piece for the same day?

You can certainly participate on multiple days! Just make sure to check the boxes corresponding to the days of your choice in your application. We leave the posting order of your pieces up to you.

You can also participate on just one day and post more than one piece.

Can I change days or the number of pieces I’m drawing? Can I drop out of the collab entirely?

Yes to all! If you’re accepted into the collab, the answers you provided in your application will appear on a public artist spreadsheet that will be fully editable, so if you want to make changes to the information you submitted, you can do so at any point. No need to ask for permission or notify us. You can also drop out of the collab, no need to explain why.

Do I need to submit anything before or after posting my work?

For the fashion week, no need! Simply post your work when your turn comes. On the other hand, lookbook artists must submit their final pieces by a specific date, as mentioned in our guidelines.

Is there a limit to how many people can apply for a specific day or character?

Nope! Apply for the day that’s most convenient to you, there won’t be any caps! Characters are not “claimed” on a first come, first served basis, so don’t worry about the character you want being already taken.

How do the fashion week and the lookbook differ from each other?

  • The fashion week will span 7 days, while the lookbook will be revealed and become available for purchase a day after the fashion week ends.
  • Lookbook artists will have to submit works in progress of their pieces on two specific check-in dates to ensure that they deliver their work on time for the lookbook reveal; artists partaking in the fashion week will not have to meet such requirement.
  • Unlike last year, fashion week pieces will not be compiled in PDF format, whereas the lookbook will be.
  • While full body pieces would be ideal for the fashion week as they highlight the whole outfit, it’s not a requirement; lookbook pieces, on the other hand, must be full body drawings.
  • Basically, the fashion week will be the more “relaxed” side of the collab, while the lookbook will be subject to certain rules due to its purpose.

Happy drawing! You can contact us on Twitter or Tumblr if you have any questions.